Relationship breakdown

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Kevin Andrews
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- November 13, 2013

Relationship breakdown will cost the UK economy almost £50bn this year, according to a new group of politicians and charities urging the Government to put the issue at the heart of the economic recovery.

The Relationships Alliance, which launches in the House of Commons today, warned that the disintegration of romantic, social and family relationships costs the average taxpayer around £1,500 a year.

Politicians from across the political divide backed a set of recommendations designed to tackle the problem, including getting Number 10 to create a national relationship strategy and provide help to people going through “life transition points” such as marriage and retirement.

Ruth Sutherland, chief executive of Relate, a charity signed up to the alliance, said: “Relationship breakdown has far-reaching effects for our society, both financial and social. One cannot be treated in isolation from the other and the country can ill afford either.”

Source: Ben Riley-Smith, The Telegraph, November 10, 2013